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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM

Cambodia Map

Map of Cambodia


It is great pleasure for me to warmly welcome you to the website of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the United States of America. I am certain that this website will provide you with many features of our Embassy as well as the rich information about the Kingdom of Cambodia - Land of Angkor. The Embassy is committed to presenting the latest and most important news concerning Cambodia. Our new easy application allows visitor to apply for an entry visa into the Kingdom in a clear form. I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you my best wishes of good health, prosperity and happiness.


~23rd ASEAN Summit Began in Brunei [Read More]

~4 Million Tourists Expected to Visit Cambodia in 2013 [Read More]

~ King Sihamoni Attended the Opening Ceremony of the 1st Session of the National Assembly's 5th Legislature [Read More]

~ Newly-elected Lawmakers Took Oath [Read More]

~ Cambodia has no more political deadlock [Read More]

~ Cambodian Ruling Party Welcomes Negotiations with Opposition Party [Read More]

~ CPP claims victory for 2013 election [Read More]

~ Large number of local and international election observers registered to monitor Cambodia's upcoming election [Read More]

~ 5 millions plus cluster bombs left behind in Cambodia from US-Vietnam war [Read More]

~ The Metropolitan Museum is returning Ancient Statues to Cambodia [Read More]

~ New Agricultural Cooprative Law [Read More]

~ $92.21 Million USD Investment on 230 kV Power Transissin Lines[Read More]


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